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Peter Park travels to Europe with Ned and MJ. They go on a sightseeing bus in London and take selfies in Venice. But an unexpected visit in a backpacker hostel can only mean one thing: Spider Man has a new mission. read more

85-year old Joan Stanley (Judi Dench) enjoys retirement in a peaceful London suburb when the MI5 knocks on her door. It turns out, the old lady used to work as a spy for Russia. Based on the real life story of Melita Norwood. read more

ERDE is the most beautiful film about the end of humanity since Lars von Trier‘s MELANCHOLIA. Director Nikolaus Geyrhalter shows the enormous changes that Earth goes through because of people in seven chapters. read more

Austrian grotesquerie about Russian oligarchs, gigantic blueprints, lots of bribes, and a chaotic trio of women who want to sabotage the deal. read more

An opulently filmed mix of "coup de main" and love story with vague references to the historic film studio. read more


Poetry slammer Mia get's the chance to dub her anime hero and finds more and more parallels between her and the brave superhero. Her own life turns upside down. read more

After a worlwide blackout nobody on Earth remembers the Beatles anymore - except failing musician Jack Malik. read more

A couple wishes to do their bit for a better global future by starting an organic farm in California. They have a rocky road ahead. read more

Lucy (Ellen Page) and Mercy (Kate Mara) meet at a demonstration. It quickly becomes clear that they love each other, but their attitude towards the death penalty threatens to destroy their love. Lucy demonstrates to abolish it ever since her father, ... read more



Over the sommer Roberto is meant to take care of his 11 year old son Itay - during the soccer championship of 2014! Together with grandfather Daniel, who actually has a surgery appointment during the semi-finals, the two travel to Brazil. read more


High schooler Celeste (Raffey Cassidy) is heavily injured during a massacre at her school. She becomes a popstar after she sings during a memorial day. Years later Celeste (Natalie Portman) battles alcohol, drugs, and the hostile press. Music by ... read more